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Property And Asset Division Mediation

When you divorce or separate, you must make many hard decisions. Some of the most important involve separating the property you have accumulated during your relationship.

If you have worked hard to build a life together, started a business together, bought a home and vehicles, watched investments grow and gathered various personal possessions, it is not easy to dismantle all of that without getting emotional and allowing disappointment and anger to influence you.

Mediation can help you get past that. A trained mediator, who is a neutral third party, can be invaluable in helping you communicate and focus on solutions. We can help you divide your property in a way that’s respectful, productive, economical and does not focus on winning, losing or hurting the other side. Mediation preserves relationships, which is particularly important if you are also parents or will be required to deal with one another for the foreseeable future.

In contrast to the court system, mediation is also confidential. This can be particularly important to spouses who have business interests together and want to keep their confidential information out of the court system.

At West Coast ADR Law Group, our mediators and lawyers can help you and your spouse work together to reach an amicable resolution to your dispute, which places you both in a positive position to move forward with your lives.

A Fair Division

In British Columbia, married couples and common-law couples must consider a number of factors when dividing their property. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Business: Who will retain the business and how will the other party receive his or her
    interest can be a contentious issue. If required, we can consult a business valuator who can assist with these
  • Real property: Who will retain the family home or will it be sold? If there are vacation
    homes, recreational property or time shares, there may be the same issues. The marital home is usually the largest
    asset owned by a couple, but they may also have vacation homes or time shares.
  • Other large possessions: Vehicles, large appliances and a number of other expensive
    possessions may become contentious and have to be divided.
  • Investments, RRSPs and other complex property: If it is necessary to bring in outside experts
    to help put a value on these kinds of assets, we can access trusted professionals.
  • Debts: It can be a contentious issue to decide who is responsible for various debts
    accumulated during the relationship.
  • Exceptions: Inheritances and gifts are complex issues that also need to be addressed.
    Mediation is more cooperative, healthier and more respectful. With the help of the mediators and lawyers at West
    Coast ADR Law Group, you can resolve your property disputes amicably and outside of the court system. Our mediators
    will help facilitate communication to find a cooperative solution.

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