family law lawyers vancouver
family law lawyers vancouver
family law lawyers vancouver

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The family law lawyers, mediators, arbitrators and staff of West Coast ADR Law Group believe that alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is much better suited to family law disputes than litigation, and have worked to make it a more commonly used approach for separating couples in Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster and other nearby areas.

West Coast ADR Law Group was established by Carol W. Hickman, Q.C., to assist parties going through separation and divorce to find solutions outside of the court system that are mutually beneficial. Carol has practiced family law for over 25 years and is a skilled litigator having experience in all levels of court, including the British Columbia Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. Our lawyers, mediators and arbitrators have seen firsthand the kind of damage done to families in the court system.

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At West Coast ADR, we don’t focus on winning or losing, but on finding solutions that work for you and your family. We know that relationship breakdown is hard enough for everyone, and we encourage you to work together to make it less painful.

We focus more on identifying each partner’s interests, and trying to find solutions to fit unique family situations, than in fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong.

Our team has experience in all forms of ADR, including mediationarbitrationcollaborative family law or med-arb and will assist you in finding the most flexible and cost-effective approach to resolve family law disputes. We can help you resolve all aspects of your family law dispute, including:



An empowering process that focuses on improved communication and collaboration. Mediation helps find a solution that works for everyone involved.

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A sophisticated process. Arbitration involves an independent third-party to resolve conflict and produce a binding judgment.

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We are available to provide training, create individual workshops or for speaking engagements.

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Family Comes First

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