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Divorce And Separation Mediation Lawyers

By their very nature, separation and divorce are often accompanied by disappointment, hostility and resentment, and often put everyone involved under a great deal of stress.

However, the process of ending a relationship does not have to be as destructive as it often is in the regular court system.

The decisions you make right now will impact your life and the lives of your children for years to come. The best way to make them is with plenty of legal and emotional support and with an attitude that focuses on balanced solutions and results, not blame.

A mediator is a neutral third party who can work with you and your partner communicate effectively to reach a cooperative solution to your dispute.

Lawyers Trained In Mediation

Our team is proud to be part of the movement to bring mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to family law in British Columbia. We can provide legal advice and support to clients working with mediators, or act as mediators ourselves.

We will help you find common ground and solutions for a number of separation issues, including:

  • Property division: We will help you determine a fair outcome for large assets such as your business, marital home, pensions and investments as well as personal possessions and debts.
  • Children: Where your children will live and who will make decisions for them and visit them are potentially contentious issues. We will help you keep the children’s best interests at the forefront.
  • Support: We can help you determine reasonable support, using guidelines provided by the government and fine-tuning them to your family’s special circumstances.
  • Any other important issues: We will help you discuss your long-term goals and plans with your partner, and try to find a way to reach those goals.By concentrating on finding solutions rather than arguing, we can help you save time and money — and, most importantly, help you resolve your matters in a healthy, respectful manner.

If mediation is not appropriate for you, other forms of ADR are available to you, including collaborative family law, arbitration and med-arb (mediation-arbitration), which combines the positive aspects of mediation and the finality of arbitration.

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