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Child Custody And Support Mediation

If you and your partner are parents, your relationship will not end after separation. You will be co-parents for the rest of your children’s lives, and be required to work together at least until your children become adults.

Litigation can be very damaging to this relationship and to your children. The adversarial process often pits you against one another, just when your children need you to work together the most.

Mediation is more cooperative, healthier and more respectful. With the help of the mediators and lawyers at West Coast ADR Law Group, you can solve your current problems amicably and outside of the court system. Our mediators will help facilitate communication to find a cooperative solution in order to put your children first.

Your Child Comes First

Depending on whether you are married, common-law partners or parents who have never lived together, your separation will involve a number of terms like child custody, guardianship, access, contact, parental responsibilities, parenting time and child support. They have to do with:

  • Residence: Your children may live with you, their other parent or divide their time between the two of you. This can be particularly contentious if either parent is planning to move.
  • Decision-making: This involves decisions about who has the right and responsibility to make major decisions on areas such as the children’s health and education, cultural and religious upbringing.
  • Contact: The time that the parent who does not have custody or guardianship spends with the children is called contact. Other relatives can also apply for contact.
  • Support: Child support is paid by the noncustodial parent to the parent who lives with the children, for the children’s use. It is based on the Federal Child Support Guidelines, which use each parent’s income and the number of children to come up with an amount to be paid monthly. If the children split their time between the parents, the formula is adjusted accordingly.

British Columbia’s Family Law Act requires all decisions regarding children to be based on what is in their best interest. The mediators at West Coast ADR Law Group can assist parents in reaching a resolution to their dispute that is focused on their children’s best interest.

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