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Average Costs Of Trial

A study conducted by Carol for her Master of Laws (ADR) regarding the costs of litigation (Cost of Litigation Survey) confirms the current cost of litigation is significant and unaffordable for most Canadians.

The average cost of a family trial in BC is:

One-day trial$7,750.00
Three-day trial$23,045.00
Five-day trial$39,772.00
Ten -day trial$84,545.00


NOTE: These cost estimates relate only to the cost of preparation for an attendance at the trial itself. They do not include the costs of commencing an action, attending the case conference, examinations for discovery, document disclosure, interim applications, the cost of disbursement or taxes.

Average Cost Of Dispute Resolution Options

Average cost of the Mediation-Arbitration (Med-Arb) process (without counsel)$6,250.00
Average cost of the Med-Arb process (with counsel)$11,750.00
Average cost of a one-day mediation (without counsel)$1,838.25
Average cost of a one-day mediation (with counsel)$7,400.75
Average cost of resolving a family dispute using the collaborative process$11,466.00


These costs are per party and do not include the cost of any other professionals or the costs of disbursements or taxes.