Our clients depend on us to resolve their family law conflict. We value our client relationships and commit to providing the best service possible.

RR and MB, Judges of the Provincial Court of BC

Ms. Hickman has worked tirelessly for her clients, in particular in the area of family law. She has shown exceptional skills and knowledge of family law and has a high standard of professional integrity. Ms. Hickman has taught several [Continuing Legal Education] CLE courses and has also organized and presented at judicial education conferences for Provincial Court Judges.

SR, Judge of the Supreme Court of BC

Ms. Hickman mixes her knowledge of the law with a keen sense of common sense. She is one of the leading lawyers in the area of family law. She has earned the respect of her colleagues at the Bench and Bar.

NM, Lawyer

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course. Quite frankly I was expected to be bored and that the time would drag. It was just the opposite. You and AH have a very engaging presentation style, the material was very useful and I learned a lot. So kudos to you both. Well done my friend.

JT, Family Lawyer

For over 20 years I have had the pleasure of dealing with Ms. Hickman on several family law matters. She is always very professional and exemplary counsel. Her knowledge of the law is superb and she brings the voice of common sense and reason to the table. In addition, she possesses a terrific sense of humour and can often provide a comment or two to diffuse a tense situation. Carol’s poise and personality are well suited for problem solving and assisting parties in resolving their disputes.

DS, Collaborative Lawyer

It was a pleasure working with you on this file. I firmly believe that the outcome reached is fair for both of our clients and will allow them to carry on in a positive restructured way in the future. Your approach was very fair, professional and compassionate. I look forward to working with you, on other files, in the future.


I keep meaning to send you an email to thank you for everything you did to assist me in navigating through a very difficult period of my life. Without your patience and support I am not sure that I would have had the strength to pursue my goal!


After many years of dealing with court proceedings and spending a large amount of money trying to finalize child support and custody issues as well as separation of assets, my lawyer suggested using the services of Carol Hickman. I think this was the best decision I have taken in a long time.


Wow. I can’t say enough about Carol. Truly an incredible lady in every sense of the word. Extremely professional, kind, sensitive, caring, understanding and wise. I have been truly blessed by meeting her. The entire experience was “peaceful”.


I met with Ms. Carol Hickman for an hour seeking consultation. Ms. Hickman immediately impressed me as a person of high integrity, wisdom and professionalism. From that consultation, I sought her services … she was always extremely well prepared, informed and up to date, not only on the details of my case but on all the current laws and case law … having worked with numerous lawyers over the years, there are very few that can match Ms. Hickman’s expertise as a lawyer. My impression of her integrity, knowledge and professionalism has never wavered … Sincerely …


There are not enough words to say thank you … I am so glad I have had you to help me fight for my kids, you have made a difference, without you all of this would have been impossible … Carol, you have made a difference in my life but most of all in I. and N.’s life! … Thank you very much for being supportive and believing in me!

EM and CG

Carol, it has been a long, hard haul. I’m glad it’s finally over and we have you to thank for it.

CN and LN

Carol, thank you for being there ready to help us when we called. We’re so grateful of your sound advice and support.


Thank you Carol, your assistance was great and the Collaborative process really helped. Everyone looked for solutions and I think we obtained a very fair result. Thank you for all your help and guidance.


I just wanted to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for helping me get through this. The support, reassurance and action you took was tremendous and helped me sleep at night knowing that you had given me piece of mind. The job you do is unbelievable.


Having firsthand knowledge of what it takes going through litigation and now using mediation, I definitely recommend to anybody dealing with legal family matters to give mediation a try, it is worth it, especially if the mediator has the experience of someone like Carol Hickman.


Carol was so professional in the way she handled my case, when a confrontation aroused, she managed the situation in a manner that made me feel comfortable and secure. At the end of the mediation, I ended up paying only a fraction of the money I would have spent if I had gone to court, the stress was reduced to a minimum and we were able to solve differences that for many years were stumbling blocks.