COVID-19 Announcement

Covid-19 is impacting us locally, nationally and globally.  These are unprecedented times that most of us have never had to face during our lifetime.  At West Coast ADR, we understand that this is likely to result in added stress to families.  Families that are separated have even great challenges dealing with parenting and financial issues.  West Coast ADR is open through this time and able to assist parents and families.  We can help create interim parenting plans to deal with the school closures or help parties discuss interim financial arrangements given the increased financial pressures, including unemployment.


Given the directions from Health Canada and BCCDC, all in-person mediations and arbitrations have been temporarily suspended.  However, we can continue to resolve your ongoing dispute resolution needs, via telephone or video conferencing.


Please feel free to contact our Program Coordinator, Liz Johnston, at with any questions or to schedule a mediation or arbitration.


We hope you and your family remain safe and healthy, during this unprecedented time.


Carol W. Hickman, QC