Barry Hickman


Barry Hickman

Barry is a retired Staff Sergeant of the RCMP, where he served for over 35 years.

At his last posting, in Surrey (Whalley District), Barry was the District Commander in charge of 72 front-line officers, 24 Community Response Team members, 18 Auxiliary Constables and 68 volunteers.

Barry served at many postings throughout his career, including Bella Bella, BC, Bosnia, Yugoslav Republic, Nunavut, UBC Detachment, Burnaby, BC, and several other locations. In many of these locations, Barry was the Officer in Charge of the detachment.

Barry has taken several policing and administrative courses while a member of the RCMP. Barry currently has his own private investigation business, CSI Investigations.

Barry and his wife Carol have been very involved in a variety of charities. They support a missionary in Cebu, Philippines, to assist orphan children and needy families. Part of their support provides food, supplies, education and housing. To find out more or learn how you can contribute, please visit our Blog for more details.

Barry is also the Managing Director of West Coast ADR Law Group and CWH Law Corporation. Barry and Jane will assist you in arranging a course or workshop for your company or organization.