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Staving off financial trouble through collaborative law

It is no secret that life after divorce is entirely different than it was before. Many people are not fully prepared for the challenges their new lives will bring, however. A recent study shows divorce can strain finances to the breaking point. For some men and women in British Columbia, collaborative law may hold some of the keys to a solution. 

During mediation of parenting plans, consider the children first

When two people choose to get a divorce, it often means something has gone wrong in their marriage. Perhaps it was the result of a catastrophic confrontation, or maybe it was the accumulation of little problems that brought about the end. Either way, those two people now have a lot of work ahead of them as they end their marriage and begin new lives. If they can set aside their differences and work together, their divorce may not be as bad as it could be. Mediation offers a perfect opportunity for ex-spouses to settle matters amicably, and is an especially great route for divorcing parents in British Columbia to take.

Unmanageable support settlement makes case for collaborative law

Settling any aspect of a divorce in a British Columbia court adds an unwelcome degree of uncertainty. Once a judge has made a ruling, it can be very difficult to make any adjustments. One unfortunate father found this out after choosing to represent himself during a support hearing. Had there been an opportunity to try collaborative law, the outcome may have been better, but as it was, the final ruling drastically changed his life.

Consider mediation for a civilized divorce in BC

Many people go into a divorce with bitter feelings, and that is entirely understandable. One spouse may feel animosity toward the other, or possibly anger and resentment. However, it may still be preferable to take a more civilized approach during the divorce than doing battle in court. Mediation allows both parties to work out their settlement issues in a non-confrontational setting. The following story provides an example -- albeit an extreme one -- of what malicious litigation can do to some people.