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Using mediation to protect children during a divorce

There is no doubt that a divorce takes an emotional toll on both spouses, regardless of their feelings about their marriage. While one may hope to minimize the personal strain, parents who end their marriage in British Columbia also need to be concerned with the welfare of their children. A divorce can be very traumatic for young ones, but by working together, perhaps through mediation, and following some simple guidelines, it may be possible to reduce the impact.

Ways collaborative law can make divorce easier to bear

No matter how one approaches it, divorce can be a difficult and emotional life event. There are ways, however, in which it may be possible to alleviate some of the stress and make a relatively clean break. Using collaborative law may be one of the best methods available to men and women in British Columbia.

In mediation and litigation, all assets must be disclosed

Even the most amicable of divorces can cause a man or woman to have financial concerns. Living life as a single person may no longer be familiar, and as such one might worry about being fiscally self-sufficient. It may only be natural, then, to consider concealing a portion of one's assets during mediation, or whatever path the divorce may take. Whether this is a wise or acceptable strategy bears discussion.

When collaborative law cannot help, litigation may be necessary

When parents cannot agree on what's best for their child during or after a divorce, sometimes matters can become unpleasant. Recently, a child custody dispute spanning half way around the world found its way to a courtroom east of British Columbia. This unusually convoluted case has seen an Amber Alert, a warrant for an arrest and stories of a sex and murder factory in a far off land. Collaborative law is clearly no longer an option for this family.

Considering mediation one of the top financial tips for divorce

Getting through a divorce with one's financial situation still under control is a challenge faced by many British Columbia men and women. For those who are entering divorce proceedings, or see it in their future, an expert has assembled some top tips for staying solvent. Among them is trying mediation instead of litigation.