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Collaborative law: Keeping divorce civil and private

It is not over-generalizing to suggest that someone who is going to be paying spousal support usually feels a lower dollar figure is sufficient than does the would-be recipient. British Columbia men and women about to enter divorce proceedings may wish to consider the case of an affluent couple who could not agree on a suitable figure and ended up making the news, their private business laid out for public consumption. This is an excellent example of the value of collaborative law, regardless of income level.

Can collaborative law prevent a divorce from getting ugly?

When two people choose to end their marriage, it is rarely a decision reached without expressing at least a few negative emotions. It may be hoped, however, that a separation agreement can be reached without undue acrimony so that both parties may move on with their lives as expediently as possible. In British Columbia, people may choose to take advantage of the collaborative law process in order to settle their differences in relative peace. Clearly, two Hollywood celebrities currently in the news did not choose this path.

The benefits of arbitration

When it comes to divorce, many people may imagine two spouses standing in front of a judge airing their grievances. However, couples in British Columbia have several choices, allowing them to find the process that fits best with their circumstances and their post-divorce goals. While there are pros and cons to litigation, mediation and arbitration, many find arbitration a better solution than going to court.

Thinking divorce during the holidays? Consider collaborative law

The winter holidays are a time of joy for happy families across British Columbia. For those men and women who are unhappy in their marriage, however, it can be an emotional time for entirely different reasons. Thoughts of divorce can be upsetting, and no one wants to be upset or bring others down during this festive season. While ending a marriage is never a fun thing to think about, it may be the right time to consider how to proceed, and interested parties may wonder if collaborative law is the way to go.