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December 2016 Archives

Pre-planning for holidays during mediation could save the day

Most families look forward to the holidays, planning family events and enjoying time together. For families that have become divided through divorce or separation, however, holidays can be stressful and emotional times full of bitterness and resentment. It's a sad reality for many British Columbia families. Perhaps it doesn't have to be, however, and pre-planning during mediation or custody proceedings may be the solution.

Mediation may be best way to divide treasured items & pets

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce in British Columbia may be the division of assets. And while determining the allocation of financial and real estate holdings can be complicated, sometimes it's the little things that cause emotions to run high. There may be many shared possessions a couple accumulates during a life together which neither wants to give up for sentimental reasons. Even arrangements for beloved pets need to be made, and mediation offers a good environment for making these choices. One Canadian judge recently decided that even though pets feel like family, they are possessions in the eyes of the law.

Choosing mediation after filing for divorce

Divorce is rarely an easy option to choose. Once a couple, or an individual, has decided it is the best course, there are many more decisions that have to be made before the divorce is finalized. What form the divorce will take is one of those decisions: citizens of British Columbia have many paths they can follow, including traditional litigation. Mediation, however, is becoming a more popular choice for many, including some who probably never considered it.

Can using collaborative law save money on a divorce?

Everyone wants to save money when they can, especially on things that aren't enjoyable. It may come as a surprise to some that there are ways to cut costs on a divorce, a process nearly synonymous with major expenses and financial pitfalls. One financial expert has recently shared tips on how to be fiscally responsible during a divorce, and using collaborative law might be one of the keys for people in British Columbia considering a separation.