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Jolie-Pitt separation the perfect case for mediation

Celebrity divorce stories are seemingly an everyday occurrence. The latest break-up to hit the tabloids and the internet gossip sites is that of the world-famous Hollywood couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. In their story, we can see one of the key reasons to consider mediation when going through a divorce, even for regular citizens of British Columbia. 

Collaborative law might prevent years of child custody litigation

A litigated divorce in British Columbia, or anywhere in Canada, can become a messy situation. Even couples that were once on the same page, may find themselves in heated and protracted struggles to get what each individual wants. Child custody arrangements are often the most hotly contested decisions made during and after a separation. A Canadian couple that opted for legal battles over collaborative law has been mired in the courts for three years as they seek to establish a home for their two children.

Ex-spouses can be friends; collaborative law can be the start

When some couples find their marriages are no longer working out, they may make the difficult decision to go their separate ways. And though marriage wasn't right for these men and women, it doesn't necessarily mean they are entirely incompatible. Many ex-husbands and ex-wives in British Columbia continue to be friends after divorce, and collaborative law might be just the springboard for this kind of relationship.

Mediation for the middle aged: making separation choices together

By the time a marriage has deteriorated to the point where divorce seems like the only option, it may seem to the soon-to-be separated couple that relief is near at hand. The truth is divorce is not an easy process for anyone, no matter the circumstances of the relationship. For those over 50 years of age, matters are even more complicated. It may be, though, that mediation can help to streamline and simplify things.