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British Columbia judge recommends new oversight of mediation

A court justice overseeing a particularly contentious divorce has made the difficult decision to step aside and allow a different judge to take over the case, according to local sources. The British Columbia judge has become frustrated with a divorce that, despite efforts at mediation, has continued to drag on thanks to "heavy-handed" tactics employed by both spouses. The judge believes it is in the best interest of the couple's young daughter that another judge take over. 

Mediation can help smooth the final road to divorce

Divorce can be a turbulent experience for both parties involved, as well as any children a couple might share. This should come as no surprise to British Columbia residents who have experienced the challenges associated with divorce, particularly those of a contentious nature. However, many options are available to help smooth the road to a mutually-beneficial final agreement, including the services offered by divorce mediation

Mediation can help with child custody agreements

Divorce is already a challenging process, but those problems can be exacerbated when children are involved. British Columbia residents are keenly aware of how difficult child custody agreements can be to hammer out in a courtroom setting. Thankfully, several litigation alternatives exist to help parents agree to custody terms, including mediation

How expenses may spiral out of control during divorce

When your relationship in British Colombia is ending, it's likely easy to focus on the emotional side of things. However, it's also important to take a deep breath and focus more rationally on the financial side of the split. When you don't do this, expenses can often spiral out of control and the breakup could be costlier than it needs to be. To keep those costs from becoming overwhelming, you never want to: