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Can collaborative divorce make the transition easier?

Getting through a divorce with your sanity intact can be very difficult. There are many decisions to be made and the courts to deal with. All of this is on top of trying to process the emotional implications of the end of the marriage and what this means for your daily life moving forward.

Plan carefully for your mediation sessions

Going through a divorce isn't a fast process. Instead, there are a host of issues that you and your ex must deal with so that the divorce can move forward. When you are going through the mediation process, there are some important points that you should keep in mind so that you can remain in control of yourself throughout the process.

Arbitration is usually preferable over litigation

Family law matters are often very personal matters that can include some private information. When you and your ex can't work out the details of a divorce or other family law matters, you might have to make a choice between arbitration and litigation. This decision requires thought, but you should be aware of exactly what arbitration entails before you decide.

Can my ex stop me from moving?

In a simple answer, yes, but parental relocations — the formal term used for when a custodial parents wants to move with the children — are usually much more complicated than that. Summer is prime moving time for many people because the children are out of school and the weather is pleasant. Moving during the summer also gives everyone a chance to adjust to the new place and neighborhood before school starts back up in the fall. However, if you're a custodial parent planning to move this summer, there are a few things of which you should be aware.

Mediation puts people who know your child in control

Most parents want what is best for their child. When a child's parents aren't in a relationship, tension about how to raise the child can occur. Unfortunately, working through that tension is often very difficult. Using mediation to try to come to an agreement about how a child custody agreement should be handled is one way that you and your ex can try to get things done.