Areas Of Focus

West Coast ADR Law Group

At West Coast ADR Law Group, we recognize that separation and divorce are one of life's most challenging times. Our team of lawyers, mediators and arbitrators is committed to helping clients find a better way through the process, using mediation, arbitration, negotiation, collaborative law and mediation-arbitration (med-arb).

Divorce or separation almost inevitably involves sadness, resentment and anger. The court system often makes the situation worse by pitting both sides against each other in win-or-lose adversarial roles. At West Coast ADR, we encourage separating couples to address their differences in a cooperative way to find a solution outside of the court system that is mutually beneficial.

British Columbia's new Family Law Act encourages parties to focus on the best interests of their children and to resolve their dispute outside of the court system using alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The lawyers, mediators and arbitrators at our group have stepped up to the challenge of helping clients navigate that better path, through alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

A Healthier, More Respectful Approach

At West Coast ADR, we don't focus on winning or losing, but on finding solutions that work for you and your family. We know that relationship breakdown is hard enough for everyone, and we encourage you to work together to make it less painful.

We focus more on identifying each partner's interests, and trying to find solutions to fit unique family situations, than in fighting over who's right and who's wrong.

Our team has experience in all forms of ADR, including mediation, arbitration, collaborative family law or med-arb and will assist you in finding the most flexible and cost-effective approach to resolve family law disputes. We can help you resolve all aspects of your family law dispute, including:

  • Divorce and separation and everything that must be settled before your relationship is legally ended
  • Children's issues, including child custody, guardianship, parenting time, support and adoption
  • Property and asset division, including pension division

Our group is also committed to helping the legal profession move toward a less destructive manner of resolving family issues. We train other professionals in ADR methods.

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